Honda Fit hybrid in Japan to be priced Y 1.59 million

Monday, August 9, 2010, 19:47 by Auto Correspondent

The Honda Fit hybrid will be cheaper than the Honda Insight

honda fit hybrid photo

Photo: Honda Fit hybrid

Honda Motors would be launching a hybrid version of its large hatch – the Honda Fit – at the Paris Auto Show 2010. The Honda Fit – the petrol version – is being sold in some markets, including India, under the name Jazz. In US and Europe, it is named the Fit. Honda as a hybrid line-up of cars already which include the Civic and Accord, and of course the Honda Insight.

Incidently the hybrid Jazz / Fit is the very first hybrid sub-compact car model to be offered from the Japanese motor giant. The Honda Fit hybrid would use Honda’s low cost Integrated Motor Assist (IMA) hybrid setup which is also used in the Insight hybrid.

News reports on multiple automobile websites indicate that the cute little car would be using Honda’s 1.3 litre 4-cylinder petrol unit which would work in tandem with a 9.7 kW electric motor, producing about 97hp along with decent amount of torque to pull the large hatch.

Hybrid cars are not known for being super-fast, and the Hybrid Jazz/Fit too won’t be the fastest kid off the block. The Honda hybrid Jazz / Fit is expected to be an efficient performer.

The Fit hybrid would also be getting an all-new aerodynamic body kit to cut through the air. Brake energy regeneration and start-stop features would also be the part of the standard features on this latest hybrid from Honda. Like in most hybrid or electric cars, an Economy button which when activated would automatically limit the throttle response and ensure maximum fuel efficiency. Honda plans to launch the Fit hybrid in manual and CVT (Automatic) versions.

The company is tight-lipped on whether it plans to launch the Honda Fit hybrid in different countries.

Will it come to India? Well our guess is as good as yours. For now enjoy the photos of the Honda Fit hybrid. We will have more details available as we get closer to the Paris Auto Show 2010.

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