FGR Midalu 2500 V6 set to be the most powerful production bike ever

Tuesday, January 18, 2011, 11:28 by Auto Correspondent

All hail the most powerful motorcycle in the world – the FGR Midalu – from the Czechs!

The world economy may be crumbling, but small family businesses it seems, are thriving . . . and busy building the world’s most powerful production bike! That certainly is the case with Moto FGR – a tiny, family-run business from a tiny village in the Czech Republic, who with their Midalu 2500 V6 bike, is set to make history.

The FGR Midalu is naked motorcycle powered by a 2442cc V6 engine claiming 240hp and over 147 ft-lb of torque! The engine comes with a 90-degree configuration with liquid cooling, and the estimated fuel efficiency is 12-16km – not too bad for the biggest, most powerful, normally-aspirated motorcycle engine in the world.

fgr midalu photo

Photo: FGR Midalu

We don’t yet have any word on performance figures as this bike has only been revealed in prototype form at a local Czech race center. But with a 2.5 litre V6 with 240 hp to boot, one can imagine that bike is not going to be any slouch. Expect a 0-100 time in 2 seconds – 2.5 seconds and a top speed well in excess of 320 kph. Its kerb weight has not been announced yet but don’t expect the bike to weigh as much as it looks – the Midalu uses a tubular frame while the seat unit and fuel tank are carbon fiber. This will definitely help this monster get off the blocks quicker than the competition. A pair of triple exhausts surrounds the Midalu’s carbon fiber seats.

Moto FGR’s V6 motorcycle project is supported by the Czech Republic’s Ministry of Industry and Commerce. With their help, FGR invited aspiring motorcycle designers to design a motorcycle that would be fitted with the aforementioned V6 engine – with one Stanislav Hanus winning.

fgr midalu profile photo

Photo: FGR Midalu Profile

The company has been testing this screaming V6 for six years now, so the final outcome ought to be good. Even the prototype was tested for about a year, and FGR is confident that they can finance the project.

FGR is a Czech race team that made its racing debut at the 125cc World Championship in 2010 with racer Ladislav Chmelik riding a Honda at the Czech Republic Grand Prix. The Midalu will undergo testing through 2011 with FGR planning to produce six models for sale in 2012.

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