Emily Miller first woman to win Desert off-road race?

Saturday, August 23, 2008, 6:37 by Auto Correspondent

The Best in the Desert (BITD) TSCO Vegas to Reno race will start on August 22, 2008. Hummer’s team driver Emily Miller will be the first woman to compete in the 457-mile punishing race, through the desert of Nevada. Miller will pilot the #4110 stock class HUMMER H2 SUV with a navigator, Jack Povey.

Photo: Emily Miller

Photo: Emily Miller

Drivers who pilot the entire duration, sometimes more than 12  hours, through the rugged terrain, are called “Ironmen.” If Emily Miller were to win the TSCO Vegas to Reno race, she will be the first “Ironwoman” in the history of the race.

Emily Miller who is 40 years old, weighs 100 pounds, and is only 5 feet tall says she was warned by people that she wouldn’t have the endurance to finish the race.
Emily Miller did her first solo race at Best in the Desert’s Terribles 250 at Primm, in April 2008, where she stood second in Sportsman Class 1800.

Emily, who lives in Encinitas, California, started off her career with Team Hummer as a marketing person and is now director, Marketing and PR. After a couple of years, Team HUMMER owner Rod Hall trained Emily Miller to drive for Team HUMMER. Emily Miller also runs her own sports  marketing company, and enjoys surfing, mountain biking, and skiing.

Team HUMMER will also take part in the mini, full-size SUV and full-size truck stock classes, manned by Rod Hall, thre-time winner Josh Hall, and Chad Hall.

Rod Hall, 70, is the Team HUMMER owner and pilots the mini-stock class #3111 H3. Hall will enter the race tied in the mini-stock class. Chad and Josh Hall, piloting the stock class H3 Alpha and H2 SUT will enter the race as class points leaders. Chad Hall has a seven-point lead over John Sunderland, of Valley Center, California in a Ford Expedition, in Class 4100. In 2007, Chad won  the 2007 Best in the Desert Silver State Series Class 8100 points championship.

Josh Hall, who has won the four Vegas to Reno races in Class 4100 – which will be taken over by Emily Miller in 2008 – has a 9-point lead over Larry Tunnell, Jr. out of Parker, Arizona who pilots a Chevy pick-up. In 2008, Josh will compete in the Vegas to Reno race in Class 8100.

Nearly 300 drivers or more will compete in the TSCO Vegas to Reno off-road race on trucks, cars, motorcycles, utility vehicles and quads.

The pre-race program will start at 7 PM on August 22, 2008. The Vegas to Reno off-road race will start at Pioneer Road, Beatty and will have 11 pit stops between Bonnie Claire and Dayton. The first race will be flagged off by the Motorcycle and quad followed by cars and trucks.

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