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Not the Same, Old, Boring Monterey

By: Brian Borgia

The Monterey Peninsula has long been a favored destination for people to travel to from all over the world. With a mediterranean style climate, beautiful beaches and golf courses and so much beautiful scenery, it's a difficult place to pass up if you are going to be in California. 

For many people that travel here, the problem is this: Is there enough to see and do in Monterey County to warrant a return visit? If you look at a lot of the advertising out there, you may think that Monterey's best features are the Monterey Bay Aquarium, Fisheman's Wharf, Cannery Row and 17-mile drive. But there is so much more to see and do iin the area. 

Local resident Brian Borgia owns Monterey Peninsula Reservations, a free hotel room finding service. Due to the number of customer requests for area information, he started City Itinerary Monterey Peninsula ( On this site, you will find out about everything there is to do in Monterey County from special wine tasting rooms and fine dining to litte known hiking trails and horseback rides. Travelers can even order their own personalized itinerary which includes area coupons and extended listings. Some of the more unusual ideas found on the site include a historic, ghost walk of Old Monterey, marriage proposal ideas, paint ball offered in an old jailhouse and race car driving at Mazda Raceway. Packages including some of these ideas as well as the more traditional aquarium and romance packages are listed at 


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