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Warner Bros makes movies, TV shows available through BT Vision


March 28, 2007: Hollywood’s leading moviemaker Warner Brothers is making available movies as well as television shows through BT Vision. Warner Brothers Entertainment has signed an agreement with BT, a provider of communications solutions and services, to make a number of its films and television shows available for online download and purchase via the new BT Vision Download store.

According to the Warner Brothers- BT deal, Warner Brothers films that would be available for viewers through the BT Vision Download store include the Academy Award-winning animated film Happy Feet, The Prestige, A Scanner Darkly, Lady in the Water and The Ant Bully.

In addition, here are some of the catalogue titles offered through the BT Vision Download store: Batman Begins, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, the Harry Potter series, Ocean’s Twelve, The Matrix trilogy, The Last Samurai and Troy.

The Warner Brothers-BT Vision agreement builds on BT’s existing arrangement with Warner Brothers movies for BT’s television service, BT Vision.

BT Vision customers already have access to a large vast of Warner Brothers titles through the service, including the titles that are hugely popular currently and classic movies as well as US dramas and comedies like ER, Smallville, Without a Trace, Nip/Tuck, The O.C. and The Closer, which are all available on demand.

Dan Marks, CEO of BT Vision, says the company continues to build the range and quality of content available from BT Vision by building the Download Store. With the addition of Warner Brothers, Dan Marks adds, BT Vision is now able to make some of the most attractive of all studio programming available to all broadband customers in the United Kingdom.

BT Vision Download Store is an online video store that allows broadband users to download a wide range of film, television and music to personal computers and portable devices for viewing indoors or on the move. BT Download Store has a selection of new releases as well as classics and lifestyle shorts.







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