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Canada’s free tabloid 24 hours launched in Calgary, Edmonton

February 28, 2007

Sun Media Corporation of Canada has launched 24 hours, the free tabloid newspaper,in Calgary and Edmonton.

This new venture facilitates a unique, fast-paced package of news and entertainment coverage for readers in Canada’s fastest-growing markets, according to Pierre Karl Peladeau, president and CEO of Quebecor Inc., which publishes 24 hours newspapers across the country.

“The newspaper is designed to deliver information quickly for busy readers – typically in 20 minutes – and it will attract additional readers to the print format,” Pierre Karl Peladeau aid.

Available in street boxes, coffee shops and other easily accessible locations, 24 hours will have an initial press run of 50,000 copies in each city.

24 hours will draw upon staff support from its sister publication, Calgary Sun.

Tuned to the fast-paced urban lifestyle, the tabloid format of 24 hours will be particularly appreciated by about 250,000 transit riders, who will have easy access to the information and advertising content, say the paper’s officials.

The 24 hours newspapers are published from Monday to Friday in Montreal, Ottawa (English and French editions), Toronto, Vancouver and now Calgary and Edmonton.

“The growth in Alberta’s two major cities creates phenomenal opportunities for advertisers to use the free daily format effectively,” says Bob Harris, vice-president, New Business Development, at Sun Media. “We fully expect to see 24 hours establish itself quickly in both major Alberta cities, since Sun Media’s free dailies are Canada’s fastest growing newspapers.”

Since the free newspaper concept was successfully launched in Europe in 1992, free dailies are now published in 41 countries with an estimated total daily readership of 30 million.

24 hours and 24 heures are published by Sun Media Corporation, a division of Quebecor Media Inc.

Sun Media is Canada’s second largest newspaper publishing company with daily newspapers in eight of the top 11 markets in Canada.

Quebecor Media, a subsidiary of Quebecor Inc., is, through its Videotron Ltd. subsidiary, the third largest cable distribution company in Canada and a major provider of internet access, as well as telephone and business telecommunications services.

Quebecor Media, through its Sun Media Corporation subsidiary, is Canada's leading publisher of a national chain of tabloid and regional newspapers. In the broadcasting area, the company operates Canada’s largest general interest, French-language television network, Group TVA Inc., as well as specialised services and a general interest English-language television station, SUN TV.

The company also operates Canoe Inc. and its network of internet properties in both English and French in Canada.

Another subsidiary of Quebecor Media, Nurun Inc., is a major supplier of interactive communications and technologies in Canada, the United States, Europe and Asia.








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