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Playboy plans Indian edition

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4th December, 2005

Playboy is coming to India, stripped of its brand name, nudity and sex. (What's left of it, eh?)

Playboy chief executive Christie Hefner said at a Reuters summit last week that the international magazine, which is published in 20 countries, is planning to launch an edition in India. But it won't be classical Playboy, meaning it won't feature nudity and sex. It may not even have its brand name Playboy. It may be something completely different.

Hefner said that Playboy is in talks to launch an Indian edition. Its is also planning to launch a full-fledged UK edition, where the US edition is currently sold.

In many countries, the popular men's magazine features models drawn from that country to suit local tastes rather than imported centerfolds.

If the Playboy plan succeeds, it will be the first time Playboy is launched in any country without its brand name. The Playboy chief did not elaborate why the magazine will be launched without the Playboy name.

"It would be an extension of Playboy that would be focused around the lifestyle, pop culture, celebrity, fashion, sports and interview elements of Playboy," said Christie, who is daughter of Playboy founder Hugh Hefner.

Playboy is also planning to enter markets where it does not sell currently. The Playboy chief talked about plans to go to Italy and Australia.


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