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Oscar awards 2006: Changes in rules announced

Academy issues campaign regulations for 78th Academy Awards


15 July, 2005: The Board of Governors of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences has approved the regulations for studio-based marketing campaigns for the next 78th Academy Awards season (Oscar awards 2006). They will be distributed this week.

Actually, there are only two real changes made to the campaign regulations document for Oscar Awards 2006 this time around. “Understanding of and compliance with the Regulations is very high. We seem to have reached a point, for now anyway, where the document is really already addressing most of questions and possible scenarios,” said Academy Executive Administrator Ric Robertson.

The norms for Oscar Awards 2006 were framed by the Academy's Public Relations Branch Executive Committee, chaired by Sid Ganis.

The important modification from last year is an addition to section 1, which governs movie screenings. After announcing the nominations, Academy members not directly connected with a film or its producing or distributing studio are now completely prohibited from acting as the “host” of a screening of the film.

Said Mr Robinson: “This extra restriction builds upon the Board’s belief that Academy members should not publicly register their support for contending films during certain parts of the voting process. Lending your name to a screening invitation in effect makes you part of that film’s campaign, and that’s something we’d like to minimize as much as possible.”

The second change to be noted comes under section 6. This section is concerned with references and links to websites. The new rule permits references and links to websites in communications to Academy members as long as those websites contain only basic screening information. Links or web addresses for sites that contain photographs, audio, video, graphical or other multimedia are not allowed to be sent to members.

Besides these, for Oscar Awards 2006, there also is now a note meant for distributors, filmmakers and marketers in the Foreign Language Film, Documentary Film and Short Film sections. This is targeted to clarify for these individuals that, while the majority of Regulations are applicable to them, some of them are not, expecially those that pertain to screeners. Members voting in those categories are required to view contending pictures at special Academy screenings.


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Oscar awards 2006: Changes in rules announced

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