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NetTV has many takers in Europe


9 May, 2007: Net Television is indeed catching up, at least in Europe. According to a report, almost half of Europe is watching television on the internet.

The report citing a study by Motorola's Connected Home Solutions division said 45 per cent of Europeans are already watching previews or full episodes of their favourite TV shows online.

The results put forward by Motorola's first pan-European IPTV research study revealed that viewers across Europe are opting for the choice and flexibility offered by TV over the internet. This is because they are not satisfied with fitting into schedules dictated by broadcasters.

With Europe witnessing people’s options that make them control their entertainment avenues, the rich European IPTV market is growing. The study revealed that France came top of the poll with 59 per cent of its citizens tuning in online, compared with 48 per cent of Italians and 43 per cent of Britons. Germany came last out of the five countries, with only a third of its citizens using web TV, it added.

The research also found that the TV is moving away from its traditional role as the box in the corner of the room and becoming an interactive entertainment and communications tool.

It added that nearly a third of all Europeans attach a digital camera to view photos. Also the findings included that 45 per cent of Europeans are expected to make video calls using their home TVs by 2012.




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