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NDTV subsidiary to be called NDTV Ventures; to expand into entertainment, lifestyle and New Media.

24 October, 2006

The country’s first and perhaps the largest private producer of news, current affairs and entertainment software, is on an expansion spree. Looking beyond news and lining up a bouquet of channels that will cater to the viewers of entertainment and lifestyle programmes is NDTV. And these are not all. The company is also firming up plans to kick off a major thrust in New Media, including the internet.

The NDTV board recently gave the nod for a new model for growth. As per plans, NDTV will promote a 100 per cent subsidiary which will be called NDTV Ventures for expansion beyond news into entertainment and lifestyle channels and New Media.

The company has also announced a new corporate model for expanding the existing business and diversifying into media genres. This model would help NDTV to garner funds for the new ventures it is lining up. NDTV Ventures will have a corporate model that will permit investments by strategic and financial partners in individual verticals. Significantly, the spread plans are expected to increase shareholder value too. 

The new model is to be based on an entrepreneurial management structure aimed at attracting and rewarding the best global talent in the business, including the large talent bank within NDTV. According to Prannoy Roy, chairman, NDTV, the model will enable streamlining of existing operations and make them more cost efficient.

The company boasts of some of the best talent and runs 23 offices and studios across the country. A mega resource centre of creative and technical talent the company has a corporate set up which is capable of strategic growth potential .

Founded in 1988, NDTV currently had launched two 24-hour news channels, NDTV 24x7 in English, and NDTV India in Hindi, and NDTV Profit - a 24-hour business channel. With its new plans, NDTV is soon to have a mega presence across the media scene offering all the television viewer looks for.






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