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Latest headlines

MTV to launch Flux channel to mark 25th anniversary
This emphasis on interactive programming comes as Internet threatens to wean away MTVs fan following.

Espnstar spoil the show even before it starts
Inane introductory programs are one thing, but  ESPNStar even fails to get the kick-off right.

Batwoman returns as a lesbian

DC Comics is reinventing Batwoman in a bid to incorporate diverse characters.

Marvel Designs to launch health magazine Wellness
From the publishers of Home Review, comes a health and positive lifestyle magazine, Wellness.

Hanuman comics soon to be launched
Hanuman comics is the latest offering from the Diamond Publications' stable.

Baby TV channel launched in the USA to mixed reviews
BabyFirstTV channel, a 24-hour television channel for babies, is steeped in controversy.

British celebrity magazine ‘OK!’ to be launched in India
After a foray in the American market, the celebrity weekly OK! will hit the stands in India in the next couple of days.

Circulation wars: Hindu takes on Deccan Chronicle
Chronicle claims sales of 2.5 lakhs, Hindu disputes it.

A media blogger ups and leaves?
A particularly pungent critic of the Indian press backs his bags. Though, perhaps, not forever.

Copycat Kavya: Sloppy Helpings
Kavya Viswanathan has admitted borrowing from author McCafferty, though "unintentionally." No one's buying it.

Sandeep Acharya is the new Indian Idol!
Sandeep Acharya beat favourite NC Karunya to win the highly competitive Indian Idol contest.

Mallika Sherawat bares Curves for 7 Up
7Up Curvy has a brand ambassador who swears by her curves.

Shahi Imam's supporters and media in shoving match at PM's residence
Zee News' reporter punched by Imam's man, reporter tries to hit back and fails.

HT hires editor for new business paper
Raju Narisetti of Wall Street Journal to spearhead HT's foray into business media.

Underground music's big hits in India
B C Sutta and G mein D are two songs that are rocking the underground music movement in India and Pakistan.

NDTV pays supari to Salem on Manisha's behalf!

Fashion mishaps and the media

In LIFW this year, clothes kept falling off, tearing, slipping - and the media had a field day.


Archived stories

Mandisa out of American Idol

Oscar winners

Pamela Anderson: Wedded to the camera

The book that Clinton loved

Kaho Na Pyar Nahin Hain!

Rape? Forced sex? Accused and victim on TV?

Of wordsmiths and other animals 

Nobody loves Kaizad Gustad

Indian Express buys stake in Mid-Day

Indian mediascape set to change

Bhansali regains his art... 

Review: RK Laxman's Tunnel of Time

A poet, leftists and the Parivar

I am Perry Perry Sorry... 

Lata Didi remixed

NCERT needs a better script

Lynching Jessica

Exit polls 2004 fiasco

Reuters editor in email goof-up  

Oliver Twist: Return of the orphan

Murder of truth after murder at Gateway  



From the DWS Media Blog: Blogging the Indian media and the media bloggers

'Leftie' Outlook has Madhu Kishwar rubbishing Medha Patkar
MH Husain writes about himself in DNA
Spindian Express is just pissed that Indian Express is not pro-BJP
Bullshitter deletes my comment - Why?
Bullshitpress vanishes?
Don't miss this! Sagarika Ghose allegedly takes on Warfornews!
CNN-IBN - listen to your own reporters
TOI presents.. a pornstar!
Rambler strips on highway
Aaj Tak gives a lesson on mangal dosha
Times, DNA, ET go for redesign
Bullshitpress takes on automobile journalism

Archived stories

Mumbai media fireworks: Report from the frontlines 

Journalists are not above law  

Time, NYT journalists may land in prison

WSJ to go tabloid  

NDTV Profit: Quick look

Feminism in the time of MMS and spycams 

Frankly my dear, this is gonna be a memorable quote...

Oscars 2005 potential nominees and winners

The Ambani feud, and the pimping media

Hindustan Times coming to Mumbai

Creative bend: Debutant director Satish Menon's Bhavum

Preity Zinta sues Mid-Day




Auto news for auto freaks!
DWS community! / Cricket blog


Archived stories

Memoirs of A Geisha: memorable movie  

DNA newspaper: Review

Oscar awards 2006: Changes in rules announced

The revenge is upon us

DWS exposes the casting couch for male journalists!

Shanghai over her tin roof: The false choices of Shekhar Gupta

Mumbai newspapers on hiring spree

Amrita TV in April

Daniel Craig is new James Bond

Tariq Ansari takes Black Friday Battle to Mid-Day pages

Indian Idol Abhijeet Sawant to release solo music album

Times Group sued for Rs 100 cr

Daniel Goddard - portrait of a photographer

The junketeering journalists of India

Interview: Anup Kurian, director of Manasarovar

Manasarovar to be screened in 35 London theatres

Holy Shit! The Khomeinis Are Coming!

Peeping Toms in the era of MMS and spycams - and why Amrita Shah and the media does not get it

Zoom TV and other upcoming TV channels from the Times Of India group 

God save the malayalee

With liberals like these...

LTTE launches TV channel  

Financial Times to launch FTpm  

Worldspace radio comes to India

Time Magazine goofs up

New magazine from NextGen Publishing

Deccan Chronicle enters Chennai

Businessweek, Fortune to launch India editions

AFP sues Google

Times to launch 'serious' newspaper

Mediaah shuts shop

DNA newspaper war rocks Mumbai  

Rajdeep Sardesai floats Broadcast News

BCCI plans cricket channel

Times publisher arrested, released
Cover story and pictures on sexual trends in Mumbai Mirror Buzz spell trouble

Playboy plans Indian edition
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