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Mallika Sherawat topless shot in The Myth: Dare to bare!

mallika image from the myth with jackie

Myth may tank, but Mallika Sherawat has managed to drop her blouse and raise heartbeats.



21 September, 2005: First, it was the controversy over Mallika Sherawat's surname and marital status. Then, it was the Mallika Sherawat porn MMS video clip scandal. The latest to hit the headlines has been the Mallika Sherawat topless shots in The Myth, her latest movie with Hollywood action hero Jackie Chan. Expect the Bollywood babe to keep hogging the headlines, for reasons right and wrong.

mallika Sherawat photos and images from the myth

For background, The Myth is Mallika Sherawat's movie with Jackie Chan, her maiden appearance in an international film. The movie has already been released at the Toronto film festival, where it received rather cold response. However, Mallika Sherawat had already managed to raise temperatures with her own unsolicited comments on her topless scene in The Myth. 

The Myth has a scene where Mallika Sherawat's blouse falls off. She is facing Jackie Chan while the camera shows her back. If Mallika Sherawat is to be believed, Jackie Chan had promised that he would close his eyes when the The Myth's topless scene was shot. But, says the siren, he did not, saying later that he was "not gay". 

Since Jackie Chan movies never feature too much of sex, the scene itself is short. The actor then hides Mallika's assets with his sweatshirt. 

Mallika Sherawat also claimed that Jackie Chan fumbled several times during the topless shooting in The Myth forcing re-takes, the implication being Jackie was keen on having the same view several times. Ahem!

The Myth features Mallika Sherawat as an Indian princess rescued by Jackie Chan. Jackie Chan stars as an archaeologist in The Myth, a reincarnation of an ancient army general. Mallika Sherawat appears in The Myth about half an hour after the start of the film, and disappears after 15 minutes. For those fantasising about the Mallika Sherawat topless scenes, here is the disappointment: there are no Mallika Sherawat nude shots, sorry. The movie has been released at film festivals worldwide, and will be screened in Singapore on September 23.

Media critics abroad have by and large ignored the movie, though The Myth has been a landmark achivement for Mallika. Bollywood actress Kareena Kapoor had earlier said that she was offered the role, which she had rejected, since Kareena felt that Hollywood movies rarely give leading roles to Indian women. Mallika Sherawat's 15 minutes of fame has underlined that fear.

In the recent past, Mallika was in the news over the circulation of a porn video clip, which (erroneously) came to be known as the Mallika Sherawat MMS clip. The 6-minute MMS clip featured a look-alike of Mallika Sherawat engaged in sex with a white man. The Mallika Sherawat MMS clip became the flavour of the season, and the free mobile internet video clip downloads clocked huge numbers. Mallika filed a case under the IT Act claiming the woman in the disputed porn MMS clip was not her, but someone else. However, it later came to be known that it was not Mallika, but Mexican porn star Lolly. We are not aware of the status of the case now, but the clip sure brought some uncalled-for attention for Mallika Sherawat.

Await The Myth, and watch Mallika's 15 minutes of myth-ical fame!



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