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Koffee with Karan - Season 2 Review

February 19, 2006

The immensely popular Koffee with Karan is back in its second season, with a new look, promising to serve a much stronger, sexier brew.

But does it work? Before we get down to the show part, let's look at his much-publicised new set. The look is new alright - new bright green cups, new drawing-room-of-an-apartment look, and a new sofa (that does not look very inviting) but it's still nothing much to write home about. It looks a bit like Sharmishta Roy started with a penthouse apartment look in mind and somewhere along the way it metamorphised into a lounge bar.

Karan Johar himself has had a makeover of sorts. He has shed three kilos (he never lets us forget it) and dyed his hair some more.

The first episode started with a totally unnecessary spiel about this solitary childhood and other such angsts. There is only so much baring of the soul one can take.

Coming to the show and the guests. The first episode was decent but had nothing new to offer. It covered old ground -- Kajol's hiatus from films, marriage, motherhood, Kajol's relationship with SRK, SRK's relationship with Rani, Kajol's relationship with Rani, Rani's relationship with Karan, Karan's relationship with all three. All that was missing was a password-entry into the club and some solemn oath-taking. And lemonade sent by Hiroo Aunty (Karan's mom).

The saving grace was SRK. He was in good form, witty, sharp, and nice. You did not catch him dissing Mallika Sherawat and Rakhi Sawant -- which seems to be a favourite pastime of The Club. Note: Every rapid fire has leading questions on both Mallika and Rakhi and The Club dutifully trots out answers that run them down. Except, SRK.

Kajol was shrill as always and not particularly nice to Rani, while Rani was morbid. What's wrong with the girl? She looks about as alive as a cardboard cut-out.

But, still the first episode was worth a watch if for nothing, but the undercurrents.

It was downhill all the way in the second episode. I have never seen Hrithik so false. Was he uncomfortable or was he just trying desperately to be part of The Club? Which means being mandatorily nasty to Rakhi Sawant, laughing when there is nothing particularly funny going on, shamelessly blowing one's own trumpet, making fun of other people's physical shortcomings and so on.

And when will Karan Johar stop begging his guests to keep saying they are so glad to be on the show, the coffee hamper is a bigger prize than the oscars, and he is the wittiest guy on earth? It's pathetic, apart from being so boring.

So how's the coffee this time? By the second episode, I would say it's cold.






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