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Stories from Hollywood is Jon Peter Lewis album

American Idol finalist to release debut album, Stories From Hollywood.

February 22, 2007

American Idol is all about fame and being famous. Close on the heels of his American Idol forefathers, a new American Idol finalist is all set to create history on his own. Savouring personal success is nothing new for the American Idol contestants and Jon Peter Lewis just doing that.

Jon Peter Lewis, the American idol finalist, is all set to independently produce and release his debut album with all original songs. Industry experts seem pretty convinced about Jon's new music album, titled "Stories from Hollywood" and his ability to make his own label and to keep control of that.

"If I Go Away," "It's Christmas," and "California Christmas" were the singles done by Jon Peter Lewis and were critically acclaimed worldwide. No wonder the US youth is waiting for his upcoming Stories from Hollywood.

Jon Peter Lewis chose to maintain control over his album and so, turned down offers from producers. He says, "My heart just wasn't into being a ballad singer or creating a teenybopper image. I've always felt more comfortable with a rock edge to my music and that's the sound I wanted to develop."

At the moment is Jon is performing throughout the US with his band. He has been a hot favourite TV star for quite a long time. Jon performed live in New York city on the Valentine's Day.







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Stories from Hollywood is Jon Peter Lewis album

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