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Jessica Lall murder: Media playing judge, says angry Jethmalani

Angry Ram Jethmalani decides to defend Manu Sharma in the Jessica Lall murder case, attacks biased media.

4 November, 2006

Look who’s rushed to the rescue of Manu Sharma, the main accused in the high profile Jessica Lall murder case. Senior lawyer Ram Jethmalani has taken on the activist media in India and accused them of being biased against Sharma.

Ram Jethmalani was not prepared to stop at that. He is contemplating to file a contempt case against the media after a newspaper published a report which claimed that he had questioned the integrity of Justice R S Sodhi, who is hearing the Jessica case in the Delhi High Court.

According to the senior lawyer, “I will ask the judges to shut the courtroom because today verdicts are given within the confines of a TV studio.” Saying that the media has been resorting to a malicious campaign against Manu Sharma airing reports questioning the integrity of the judges hearing the case, Ram Jethmalani said the allegation is ironic as in a petition before the Delhi High Court, Ram Jethmalani on Friday requested that the case be transferred from Sodhi's court.

Manu will walk free, feels Jethmalani, and challenged the prosecution, police and the media to do what they want to do. “But, I don’t want people to say that we won the case because the judge was corrupt."

Jethmalani's petition for transferring the case will be heard by Justices Sodhi and Bhasin on Tuesday. The senior lawyer insists that every accused deserves a free trial and to ensure that Manu gets one too, he has now decided to fight for him both inside and outside the courtroom.

It may be recalled that that in 1999 the Lall family had consulted Ram Jethmalani while the case was in the trial stage. And now, with the same lawyer fighting for the accused has come as a jolt to the Lalls.






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Jessica Lall murder: Media playing judge, says angry Jethmalani

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