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Daniel Craig: The new face of James Bond


15th October 2005:

James Bond has a new face: It belongs to Daniel Craig, a low-profile actor, known for his roles in Road to Perdition and Tomb Raider. He was in the lead role in neither. But then, as James Bond's casting director Debbie McWiliams said, they did not want someone as big as Russel Crowe to be the next Bond either.

Daniel Craig picks up the tuxedo from Pierce Brosnan, till now the reigning spy of the eternal intelligence flick James Bond. Brosnan is now 52. Craig becomes Bond at the age of 37.

Craig the Bond will debut with Casino Royale, a remake of the first Bond novel. The endearing MI-6 spy comes across as a cold, yet humorous character in the Bond movie, which will begin shooting in early January.

Before Daniel Craig, the other actors starring as James Bond were Sean Connery, George Lazenby, Roger Moore and Timothy Dalton.

At a function to announce the name of the new Bond to the media, Daniel Craig turned up in a military speedboat, attired in Bond a suit, wearing shades. Craig said he had to down a couple of drinks just to come to terms with the reality that he is to star as the agent of agents. Craig was chosen from among about 200 actors vying to play the MI-6 spy.

Said Daniel Craig: "It's a huge challenge. Life is about challenges and this is one of the big ones as an actor."

Craig had put up a commendable performance in Layer Cake. Like many aspiring actors, he started his acting career with television. Daniel Craig has also had his studies in acting at the National Youth Theatre and Guildhall School of Music and Dance. Ace director Steven Spielberg recently finished shooting his movie Munich with Craig, a fact not widely known. Munich is based on the historical events of 1972, when Olympics athletes were massacred at the peak of cold war.

Recently, Craig was in the news over his relationship with Sienna Miller, a favourite of the British tabloid press.

The new Bond movie is expected to have less of gadgets and more of character, according to reports. The next Bond movie will be "definitely darker, more character, less gadgets", said Director Martin Campbell.


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