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 The book that Bill Clinton recommends... 

.. and some that Jack Covert 800-CEO-READ does. Jack Covert has  compiled a list of their best-selling business books for 2004. The Bill Clinton-recommended book? That's no.4 in the list.

Milwaukee, WI (PRWEB) February 8, 2005 

 1. "Free Prize Inside," by Seth Godin.

Okay, all of us can't have great ideas all the time. That's okay. So what you need then is a soft innovation, and the capability to succesfully champion that innovation, says Seth Godin, marketing guru. 

 2. "Trading Up," by Michael Silverstein, Neil Fiske.

Provides insights into the highly lucrative bourgeois bohemian Americans, who revel in shopping, purchases and believe that better or nore exclusive products make them happy.

Michael J. Silverstein is a senior vice president and global consumer and retail practice leader at The Boston Consulting Group (BCG) and the coauthor of Breaking Compromises. Neil Fiske is a former vice president of BCG and is currently the president of Bath & Body Works. John Butman is an established business author and journalist. 


 3. "Purple Cow," by Seth Godin.

Being a purple cow is all about visibility. You can't miss a purple cow, if you see one, says Seth Godin. So your only chance of being noticed is being the purple cow. You are either remarkable or invisible. Seth Godin urges you to think and put something extra ordinary, remarkable into everything you build or produce.


 4. "The Power of We : Succeeding Through Partnerships," by Jonathan Tisch.

This is what Bill Clinton has to say about this book. "In The Power of We, Jonathan Tisch reminds us again that working together still yields the best results. Jon has spent a lifetime mobilizing people and organizations to get a job done in business and in civic service. His experience, optimism, intelligence, and common sense are reflected in this fresh look at the rewards of partnerships." Enough said.


 5. "Guts! : Companies that Blow the Doors off Business-as-Usual," by Jackie Freiberg, Kevin Freiberg.

Ten years ago, consultants Kevin and Jackie Freiberg  came out with 'Nuts! Southwest Airlines’ Crazy Recipe for Business and Personal Success', a book that chronicled tthe unusual ways that Southwest Airlines took to success. 

The new book, Guts!: Companies that Blow the doors off Business-As-Usual, the duo takes the reader behind the scenes of 20 succesful companies that reached where they are due to the unusual business decisions and tactics they adopted. In essence, companies that showed remarkable guts in dealing with business challenges.

 6. "Leadership Presence," by Belle Linda Halpern, Kathy Lubar.

An easy to understand, cleverly packaged book by Belle Linda Halpern and Kathy Lubar on the leadership presence. The writers define leadership presence as 

We define Leadership Presence as 'the ability to connect authentically with the thoughts and feelings of others in order to motivate and inspire them to achieve a desired outcome.' This ability to connect is essential in all people who lead or motivate others, whether you are the head of a large organization or a volunteer Little League coach. People need Leadership Presence in a variety of areas - building better client relationships, inspiring teammates to sprint to the finish, negotiating tricky alliances, and motivating a classroom of students." Think you can do with some help in that department? This is the book for you.


 7. "Creating Customer Evangelists," by Ben McConnell & Jackie Huba.

These writers are famous for a blogging-related catchphrase, the church of the customer. This is essentially about how you can keep your customers happy so they effectively become a walking, talking salesforce and public relations team for your company and its products or services. Obviously, you can see why the business blogging community has taken this to heart. Customers, when they are truly happy with your products, go to extremes to recommend your company to everyone they know, sometimes even spending money out of their pockets.


Jack Covert, the president and founder has more than twenty years of experience and is regarded by both publishers and authors as an expert on the topic of business books. For more information please visit

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