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Sunday, May 07, 2006
MF Husain writes about himself in DNA
I am not going to compare MF Husain writing in DNA to some crook or criminal justifying himself by writing a piece in a newspaper. I am not going to say that MF Husain is anti-Hindu, and that the government is right in planning to press charges against him of 'hurting religious sentiment' either. That is a different article, for another day.

However, I object to Husain's piece in DNA as a bad bit of writing. He starts off with examples of Ajanta and Ellora, gives more examples and claims that he and today's painters are "descendents of that golden era of great vision." You can read the full piece here. Bit of history, claim that you are a part of that, give a list of stuff you have done, end. Huh?

If anything, the piece shows a clear lack of understanding of today's India and the world - where cartoons of Prophet Mohammed can't be published, Rama can't be mocked, but a Da Vinci Code can be a book and a movie, and Husain can paint nude Hindu goddesses and gods. Husain's world is not what exists right now - maybe a tough fact for a man born three decades before India's independence to come to grips with.

I am all for freedom of expression and the right to insult religions and gods. What I am not for is a lack of awareness about the trends in the society you live in. But then, what can one expect out of a man who is 90? How many 90-year old men make any sense? Perhaps we should just ignore him.
posted by a correspondent @ 12:24 PM  
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