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Friday, May 12, 2006
And more chaddis in TOI

Today's TOI has a front page picture of a nice pair of bums. I like that.

Now, there are certain uncomfortable questions here, which we at DWS once discussed (maybe twice) in our media section. Our last story on the topic - Dad, why is this girl wearing only chhaddi? was when Mumbai Miror got into trouble for some semi-porn pictures (okay, erotica) of Adam Bedi and Nisha Harale.

Much as I appreciate and support a nice female figure, Greenpeace, less pollution, and bums in thongs, I still don't think such images in a morning family newspaper (suposedly) is a good idea. TOI supporters can argue that while it is entirely culturally inappropriate, the society and our families can easily adapt to seeing them. Or that it is tastefully done. Or whatever. We are not a society that has had, in the recent past, a sexual revolution, and I for one wouldn't want to be the one to play a part in hastening it. Oh it will come, alright, but who am I to change sexual mores for the good or bad? I don't think that is the realm of general newspapers either.
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