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Thursday, May 11, 2006
The advantages of anonymity...
was recently brought to our notice by one of the many anonymous blogs. It carried a post on an alleged instance of sexual harassment at the party of a television channel. Being anonymous, it could first allude to, and then mention the name of the alleged harasser. If the story is true, and blog has actually managed to bring something out that happens in the media all the time. If the blog weren't anonymous, they wouldn't have been able to carry it.

It also shows the dangers of anonymous blogs. Say, the said blog has an agenda. It could easily ruin someone's life by such a post.

That said, anonymous blogs, and anonymous media blogs are here to stay. Journalists, especially in the national capital, are regular abusers of the law. In contrast, the ones in Mumbai prefer other benefits, usually financial. The media closes ranks extremely easy, and drunk press club sessions were the only places where the dirty dealings were discussed. Even if a male journalist sexually harasses a female journalist, there is just no way the man will be punished. To begin with, the female journalist is not likely to file a police complaint - they too profess such stuff in the newspapers they write for. Then, the colleagues, and even the management professes complete understanding of the victim's mental state, promises exemplary (but secret) punishment for the offender, and that's about it.

Take a hypothetical situation. If a senior male journalist assaults or even rapes a female reporter, you think a rape case will be filed? Hah. There is just no question of another media organization coming to the victims' rescue either. They too already have enough leering skeletons in their cupboards.

It is high time media organizations in India have a sexual harassment policy. The media is quick to ask for it in private companies, but the question will never be discussed in a newspaper.
posted by a correspondent @ 3:10 AM  
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