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BCCI plans cricket TV channel

Having had it with television channels, bidding  and court cases, BCCI goes for the jugular with its own TV channel


April 17: It has become almost routine - acrimony precedes every cricket match big or small played in India, with telecasters slugging it out in court for a piece of the action. And inevitably, the mandate goes to Doordarshan.

But things are set to change, if the BCCI has its way. The Board of Cricket Control in India is planning to set up its own company to start a cricket-specific TV channel. Apart from beaming cricket played in India, the BCCI cricket TV channel will also bid for international ricket matches played abroad. It will also look at business opportunities in radio broadcasting, Internet and other sunrise sectors.

Many industry observers are not convinced about the viability of a cricket-only channel in India. International cricket is played in India only for 30-40 days every year. Making money out of this is seen as a tough proposition. However, BCCI believes that it can host an increasing number of international cricket events in India and rake in money.

A proposal for the BCCI cricket TV channel was presented to the BCCI working committee, which is expected to approve the TV channel proposal at its next meeting soon.

According to a BCCI study on the proposed cricket TV channel, the proposed channel has the potential to rake in revenue of Rs 2,189.9 crore in the first year. The projected revenue will go up to Rs 4,781.9 crore in the fifth year, the study says.

The first year of operation will cost the board Rs 710.2 crore only and in the fifth year the expenses will go up to Rs 1,161 crore.


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