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Axiom.TV family-focused internet TV channel launched

23 October, 2007:

Axiom.TV, an entertainment company based in Rochester, Michigan, the United States, will Beta-launch the first comprehensive technology to make internet television “user-friendly, legal, and safe for families.”

In order to celebrate its international Beta-launch, Axiom.TV will give away Benji, one of the most beloved family movies of all time, to the first 33,000 families.

In a statement, Dan Cobb, president of Axiom.TV, said: “It is an appropriate promotion, because 33 years ago Benji was released in every drive-in theatre and became the first big-screen movie that the internet generation can remember. Now that the Benji generation is grown up, they want to enjoy these movies all over again, but with their kids.”

At present, Axiom.TV is in the final stages of negotiations with several of the major studios for additional movie content. While in negotiations, Axiom.TV will offer discounts on traditional DVD sales by mail.

Axiom.TV has almost 1,000 of the most popular DVDs, including Cars, Chronicles of Narnia, Treasure Island, the original Tarzan, and Flubber, besides Benji.

Axiom.TV, the statement said, offers a family-focused video library, screened by a panel of mothers and faith-based movie review partners, “so that protective parents can shop without concern.”

In order to build awareness of its new movie downloading service, Axiom.TV has reduced its traditional DVDs to be among the lowest prices on the internet – some of these DVDs cost around $6.50 plus shipping of only $1.73. During the Beta-launch, Axiom.TV downloads will sell as low as $2.00 or even free.

The new service of Axiom.TV is powered by the VeriSign Intelligent CDN, which utilises VeriSign’s global infrastructure and the Kontiki Delivery Management System to offer faster downloads and a superior viewing experience for end-users at a fraction of the cost of traditional content delivery networks, the company’s statement claimed.

It said Axiom.TV will be the world’s first internet television channel created to combat the recent trends in online piracy and pornography.

Axiom.TV has developed a website that makes the movie download process user-friendly for all ages and for all computer skill-levels. This, according to the company, “takes the next necessary step to blur the line between a user’s PC, TV and DVD player.”




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