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Maruti launches Suzuki Swift in India

Maruti plans the launch of its first ever modern, radical car in India. The Swift looks shocking, will be affordable, and put Maruti back in the race. 




Latest update : Swift launched! 25 May 2005

25/4/2005, Mumbai: The road tests of the Maruti Suzuki Swift have finally appeared. Autocar has a road test of the Suzuki Swift in its latest edition - but the test actually is not of the Indian version of the Suzuki Swift. That car, as far as we know, is almost ready and nobody has got their hands on it just yet. The latest edition of BS Motoring too has the brilliant supermini on its cover.

Most of the information that we had brought to you earlier remains - pricing is along expected lines. We will bring you a detailed update on the Swift just a few days before its launch.

For now, feast your eyes on our Maruti Suzuki Swift photo gallery.

Suzuki Swift photo 1 Suzuki Swift photo 2
Suzuki Swift photo 3 Suzuki Swift photo 4
Suzuki Swift photo 5

27/9/2004, Mumbai:  The Maruti Suzuki Swift is expected in India in March 2005. The expected price for this radical hatchback car from Maruti (or should we say Suzuki?) is Rs. 5 lakh - which puts in firmly in the territory of the Indian mid-size car.

Maruti Suzuki Swift
- frontal view - rear view

No one has so far managed a review or road test of the new Suzuki Swift as far as we know. The Suzuki Swift will be defintely a remarkable shape on Indian roads, with its very 2004 looks. Currently, Maruti is calling in the Model K. With its Zen and Alto still selling well and Esteem just undergone a face-lift, Maruti will position the new hatchback right under the Baleno in its line-up.

Maruti Suzuki Swift photo

Initially, the Maruti Suzuki Swift is expected to be launched in India with the tried and tested Esteem engine. In the future, Maurti may offer the Baleno's more powerful engine too on the Indian Swift. A diesel engine is also expected in the later versions of the Indian Maruti Suzuki Swift.

If you want a good-looking, large and distinctive car, look no further. The design is based on the well-acclaimed Concept S design unveiled by Suzuki at the 2002 Paris Auto show. In fact, the car closely resembled the concept car displayed there which itself is a shocker when manufacturing and marketing departments generally succeed in toning down great design flourishes in production cars. 

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Suzuki believes the mini has a distinctly sporty face with its clear headlight covers and a wide air dam that "not only suppresses front-end lift but also looks dynamic and stylish". The wheels are larger than is usual on a mini the theory being that they give a greater impression of stability.

"The Swift is more eye-catching, more spacious, more refined, more user-friendly and a whole lot more enjoyable to drive than anything else in the compact-car category," Suzuki says. 'It gives an exciting glimpse of the new ideas and design approaches that will shape Suzuki models.'

The wheel arches have been boldly flared into sills that also aim to intensify the appearance of rugged strength, despite the car's diminutive size, and a rear roof spoiler rises above the tailgate window.

The wheels are also relatively large for a hatchback. The car is quite tall, and a litttle wider than the Palio and the Indica. The Suzuki Swift should be able to seat five comfortably and offer ample luggage space. 

Watch this space for more updates and photos on the in the future!




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