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A Dog's Life

 Is it human to throw out pets when they fall ill and exploit animals as beasts of burden? Dancewithshadows.com throws light on the pitiable state of animals lost in the Mumbai Mayhem and shares in their misery.



In this sprawling city called Mumbai, what catches my eye is not its people, beggars or lost souls -- it is the animals. Small and big, they hide behind vehicles, buildings and drainages, staying away from the human eye. Why?

Because, we put the fear of god in them. Just yesterday, I saw a Victoria (No: 81) driving down Lamington Road, opposite Ghasitaram Halwai. The horse could barely walk -- its legs were shaking like jelly. His ankles may have been broken at sometime and set wrongly.

I stopped to wonder how the Victoria driver could exploit an animal which was half dead and in dire need of nourishment. It could barely stand still. Never before did I feel so sad and lost. An animal lover who was with me then said that just two kg of Channa dal and some jaggery would make him well again. But the jingle of money alone excited the horse-owner; the animalís well-being was not his concern. I felt that humans were very selfish, bothered only about their well-being, ignoring the misery of the cityís lesser denizens. The beasts are just a means to an end.

Try explaining that to their owners, and you bang your head against the wall. All arguments fall on deaf ears. Does it take any effort to be human? Take a close look. Their sadness spreads over you as you peer into the beautiful, innocent eyes of the guileless animal. Tears lurk, for they cannot speak about the injustice done to them. But, canít we at least speak for them?

Many people are particular about donating for charity and giving daan everyday to the beggars and feeding them Ė but no one feeds these animals, horses, dogs, cows and donkeys. Come to where I live and I can show you how these animals survive in wretched conditions. Cows and donkeys are let out to stray on the streets, where they scavenge from roadside garbage cans, eating leftovers and anything they can. They consume paper and plastic to swallow the food disposed of in them. Many people drive out their pet dogs if they have skin problems. How miserable!

In the US, a farm for old horses has opened new vistas, where those that can no longer work live here and laze around the whole day, living the last few years left in happiness. A dog farm outside Pune collects the strays and provides shelter and food Ė a home for them. I wish others would also make an effort in showing a little charity. May be not shelters, but a small contribution certainly goes a long way. Do not abandon the poor animals in their days of need.

Do we chuck out our parents when they fall ill? Itís your responsibility to take care of them, isnít it? So are these pets and animals you take on for love or work. They have served you quite well, so take care of them in their sunset days. A little love comes without cost, but it makes you more complete as an individual than before.

I have learnt this from an old man in my colony. He calls Karuna to help animals in distress or those that are injured. If you have animals in distress, please call the places mentioned below. Letís rise to the defence of the defenceless.

The Bombay SPCA, Dr. S.S. Rao Road, Parel, Mumbai 400 012, and Phone: 24137518/24168381/3598

Phone: 28763856, 98203 19842
All India Animal Welfare Association
E/14, Venus Apartments, R.G. Thandani Marg
Worli, Mumbai 400018
Phone: (022) 24930776 / 23094077

Contact Mr. Nilesh Bhanage (Hony. Gen. Secretary), A-14, Savitri Sadan, Dr. Mukharji Road', Dombivli (East) 421201, Maharashtra. Phone: 0251 - 452302
Fax: 022 Ė 7562275 E-mails: animalwelfare@rediffmail.com  & pawsdombivli@indiatimes.com  , SMS: 98201 61114

7,Shanti Kunj, 124,Hindu Colony, 5th Lane, Dadar, Mumbai-400 014. (India). Phone: (22) 24142195 - 24143412 Fax (22) 24149375 Email: samoo@bom5.vsnl.net.in 

Near Deonar Colony, Bainganwadi, Deonar,
Mumbai 400 088. (India) Tel: (22) 25566795

G 20, RH-V, Sector VI, Vashi
New Mumbai 400703
Phone: (022) 7662784
403, Seacraft, Woodhouse Road
Colaba, Mumbai 400026
Tel :23733433/23891070 E-mail : wsd@rediffmail.com

C/o W.R. Stonssel & Co.
Maker Bhavan, # 1
2nd floor, I New Marine Lines
Mumbai - 400020
Phone: (022) 25773549
Fax: 2624551
PETA India
P.O. Box 28260
Juhu, Mumbai 400 049
Phone: 022-628-1880
Fax: 022-628-1883
PETA India Web Site: www.PETAIndia.org


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