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Letter from Dilli, again!

An understanding dilliwalla writes to his Mumbaikar friend.



My Dear Mathew,

Jai Mata Di

Mumbai people are having to carry lot of burden. The burden to work hard, the burden to doing two jobs and also the burden to being forward-looking and fun-loving. They are also having to carry the burden of living the night life.

Also the burden of being very accommodative and adjustment type of people. Oof, this it very very too much of weight to carry. Becharas, that is why my intellectual friends Dennis and Gogate are having a very difficult time to convince me why they think I am so lazy and 'laid-back'. I am telling you personally, my dear Mathew, that I am not knowing the meaning of laid-back. I am trying to find out.

But I am feeling very sure that they are being very successful in adjusting to people and becharas are not having too much good things to eat. That is the reason even Pancham Pooriwala (near VT station) is being written in papers. And food reviews are being written about poori-sabzi. Mumbai people are calling it poori-bhaji. Here, in saddi Dilli, more than hundred Bihari and UP people are making too much better poori sabzi, but no one is writing about them.

Since the Mumbai people are not buying cars, and traveling only in local trains filled with too much gentry, they are not having to worry about driving scooter or car. So they are reading a lot. And they are also playing word-making games. They are calling it crossword. I have never seen anybody playing any crossword game in Dilli. Here we are having DDA sports clubs and we are going there in the morning and evening to play tennis, badminton and also swimming. After that they are drinking sitting in their car or sitting at a bachelor friend's house. Here, in saddi Dilli, no one is reading because it is highly risky to read paper while driving. And if Dilli police is spotting you reading while driving, they are taking 500 rupees bribe and also giving many gaalis. I am understanding it is good to have local train so that people are reading more and playing crossword game and becoming intellectual.

My family is wishing hello to prajaiji and telling me to take a 500 Rupees flight ticket to Mumbai by Deccan Airways. But yesterday I was fighting for long time to procure the ticket but madam at the counter tells me she can not disburse 500 Rupees tickets now. Otherwise I will surely visit you and eat pao bhaji with you on the Chaupatty beach.




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