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Komal's Day Out!

Komal, the child actor in TV serial Aastha, must be one of the youngest earning members in the country. Dancewithshadows zooms in.




komal aastha astitvaSmile! The baby is on screen! Actors extraordinaire at a tender age, the baby wonders compete with their older counterparts, emoting with ease, holding the audience to rapt attention. Introducing Komal -- or you may know her better -- Aastha from TV series Astitiva-Ek Prem Kahani.

Komal's debut was when she was barely a month-and-half old. Now, she is all of one-and-half years and spends nearly 12 hours on the sets on shooting days.

Komal is so attuned to her role that she responds only to the screen name of ‘Aastha’ and calls Simran (Nikki Aneja Walia) as her ‘mom’. So, even her real mother has rechristened her after after her screen name.

Acting doesn't come cheap, mind you. Komal earns a handsome Rs 700 everyday. She works hard on the sets and has become part of the continuity of serial production. She never has to repeat a shot over three times.

komal aastha astitvaLoved by the entire crew and the stars, the starlet mixes well with everyone. Mother Neela gets her ready and waits for the director's instructions. A well-earned rest is usually short-lived and the gaps in between go into preparing for the next sequence. This seems to have taken a toll on Komal, for though plump in the first half of the series, she has lost weight now.

But babies are babies. Komal enjoys playing with the toys, and wears the beautiful clothes provided to her for her part. Neela feels a little lost on the sets since she has little control over her wonder baby on the sets. But she is the proud mother of an earning member of the family, and makes it a point to save for her future.

There have been famous child artistes who made it to the pinnacle, the likes of Madhubala. She had ten siblings. Her reason to work – to feed the family. She bowed to the pressure of her parents.

In this day and age, being an actor is every child’s fantasy or their parents'. They would certainly like their children making it big where Shah Rukhs and Hritiks rule.

We hope Komal remembers that one day she was a child actor, for many have fallen on the way side when the final roll is called. We wish her the best now and for the future.


God save the Malayalee

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