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Kinetic to launch Comet 250 cc motorcycle in India!

Kinetic is about to launch the v-twin 250cc motorcycle in India. Imported from its Korean partner Hyosung, the Comet 250cc shares the v-twin motor with the kinetic Hyosung Aquila which was introduced in India in limited numbers a while back.



Kinetic Comet - Hyosung photo - photo gallery coming soon!

The Kinetic Hyosung Comet 25o is expected to priced at Rs. 2 lakhs. The price will thus be a tad more than the Kinetic Aquila, which was priced at around Rs 1.5 lakh.

And you will most probably have to book the Hyonsung Comet in advance at a Kinetic dealer. The Comet 250 motorcycle is not expected to be available in small towns, so its time to make a beeline to that Kinetic dealer in the nearest big city! Initially, the Comet will be available in only 15 cities around the country. Only 1000 units of the Kinetic Hyosung Comet will be imported initially. Once the Kinetic Comet hits Indian streets, it will be the king of the road among motorcycles. The crown is currently held by a narrow margin by the Hero Honda Karizma motorcycle.

The Kinetic Hyosung Comet's design is inspired by the Ducati Monstro, and is a small and confy bike, with a sporty stance. The wheelbase is 1455 mm. The front forks are massive, and are borrowed from the Hyosung Comet 650. Now that is a motorcycle that is not going to come to India in the near future!

Other known specifications of the Kinetic Hyosung Comet are as follows:


150 / 70x17 tyres

27 bhp

10000 rpm max.

Estimated top speed - 125 kmph

Watch this page for the latest updates on the Comet and the latest available photos.


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