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Apple iWork 05

Apple introduces iPod Shuffle, the poor man's Mac and many more! Here is the DWS dope on the hottest Mac cuisine.

(Already got an iPod? Read about the Bose speaker for your iPod here)


ipod Shuffle    The Mini Mac     iLife     iWork 05    << Click these links for other new Apple products

iWork 05

Pages and Keynote 2 -- Here are two brilliant products to complement iLife's excellence. A streamlined yet powerful word processor, Pages is the easiest way to look good on paper. This new word processor has enormous style, and is an easy-to-use powerhouse. From simple letters to complex research papers complete with a table of contents, headers, footers, facing pages, footnotes and a bibliography — Pages can handle almost every single one of yor word processing requirements. It has a wide assortment of professionally designed themes to get started -- more than 40 to choose from. Stationery, three-column brochures, newsletters, invitations you name it, Pages has a set of templates ready for you!

Keynote 2, says Apple, puts you in the director’s chair -- with new cinema-quality transitions, animated text effects and powerful animation controls. Keynote 2 makes it easy to present with a second monitor display that offers current and next slide, a timer, a clock and even your notes. And most remarkably, Keynote 2 adds interactive and self-playing features that dramatically expand the way you can use Keynote. Keynote 2 comes with 20 Apple-designed themes ranging from portfolios to storyboards that make it easy to look your best. Keynote imports AppleWorks presentations; imports and exports Microsoft PowerPoint presentations; and exports PDF, QuickTime and Flash. With more than 20 Apple-designed themes to get started, you can easily build cinema-quality presentations that have coordinated colors, text, charts and tables.



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