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Bose Speakers for your iPod

Now that you have your iPod or iPod Mini what more do you need? an iPod Bose speaker system called SoundDock to blast that music to your neighbours!



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Oh you are an iPod freak? Do you carry your entire music collection on your iPod or iPod mini? Do you go shopping on Ebay for iPod accessories? Then perhaps you should take a look at the coolest accessory of them all - the Bose speakers for your iPod, brought to you by Bose, called the Bose SoundDock digital music system at $299. Sorry, at this time we do not know if the Bose SoundDock will work with your iPod Shuffle - it is unlikely, from what we hear.

The Bose SoundDock offers a docking cradle - all you have to do is to slip your iPod or iPod Mini into it. The SoundDock is basically a cradle which charges your iPod, and it has speakers behind that single panel you see which can blast your music collection to the whole world. The speakers are powerful enough to fill a room, and you have great sound, but as the speakers are set close by within that single unit, there is not much stereo seperation that you can get. Of course, that does not matter to many who are just happy to hear the music as they work in the kitchen or booze at that pyjama party.

The Bose speaker system follows the design principles of the iPod and iPod Mini. It is simple and minimalistic, and the remote follows in the same pattern. 

Bose claims that its proprietary accoustic design allows you to enjoy a full rich sound from its speakers.

There are no extra wires or adapters to connect the iPod to the speaker system. Just slip into the cradle of the Bose. SoundDock. The look is smooth and simple, and it almost looks like your iPod was meant to belong right there on the Bose speaker system.

You need to have a third- or fourth-generation Apple IPod (or IPod Mini) for the setup to work. The speaker system itself has just two buttons for the volume settings. The card-sized remote control cn do the rest of the work. 

If you find the Bose speaker system for the iPod or iPod Mini too expensive, or want better stereo separation, what are your options? Altec Lansing has some speaker system offerings which should do the job, but then you miss out on Bose's perfect styling.



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