IPL cricket matches to be broadcast live on YouTube

The Indian Premier League (IPL) has entered into a broadcast agreement with the online video aggregator YouTube to beam the IPL cricket marches live online to millions of viewers.

For this, the Indian Premier League has signed a 2-year deal with internet search engine Google.

The agreement will result in the IPL cricket becoming the first sporting event to be telecast live on the internet in all countries on a dedicated YouTube channel

According to Lalit Modi, the commissioner of the Indian Premier League, viewers can choose their own camera positions, freeze, or fast forward footage even while logging into chat rooms and having access to the official website of the IPL. Also, there will be an archive, which will enable viewers to replay their favourite scenes of action.

These advantages, Lalit Modi said, will change the world of sports-broadcasting. The internet this will change the way sporting events are broadcast in the same way the internet has changed the lives of people, Lalit Modi added.

He said that, for the first time, the IPL is making the cricket event “truly global.”

Google will give the IPL access to about 500 million viewers across the world. In a few countries, the feed will be almost live – meaning that there will be a delay of only some minutes. In most places, viewers can see live streaming of the cricket action, Lalit Modi said.

This will, he added, be a true experience for the lovers of cricket who can control how and when they watch the action. “It doest not matter if you live in Australia, and the games are shown in the middle of the night,” Lalit Modi said. In other words, one who has an internet connection can watch the IPL matches at a time of his choice and do not have to wait for a broadcaster to repeat broadcasting the matches.

The viewers also will get exclusive feeds that are shown only on Google, and will also get a ‘Fan Feed’ that will show the entertainment that is going on around each match.

A viewer of the IPL matches on the YouTube will be able to watching the game, for example, from the stump cam or from behind the bowlers, thanks to the 20 different feeds available.

Commercially, the IPL will reach new audiences, and individual sponsors can cut their own footage to suit their needs, according to Lalit Modi.

The revenue from the sponsorship and advertising will be shared by the IPL and Google.

World Sports Group had paid over $1billion two years ago for the broadcast rights to the IPL tournament.

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