Urgent hearing appeal against Royal Challengers overturned by Supreme Court

The Supreme Court of India has refused an urgent hearing regarding the request for a ban on the name of Banglore Royal Challengers in Indian Premier League (IPL) starting from Friday.

The petitioner had made an urgent request before a bench consisting of Chief Justice K G Balakrishnan and Justice R V Raveendran. As per the petitioner,  illegal promotion of liquor is going on, with the aid of Twenty20 tournament. This will make harmful effects on society. The person who filed the petition is one Mr Y Kapoor.

According to Indian law, surrogate marketing of alcohol products is not allowed. Vijay Mallya, the chairman of United Beverages (UB) Group is the owner of the Banglore’s IPL team. Mallya had named the team ‘Royal Challengers’ which is also the brand name of a whisky manufactured by the UB Group.

The petitioner said that it should not allow to promote a liquor brand under the name of cricket tournament. He immediately wants to prohibit the illegal promotion of the liquor. He also demands the change of name of the iPL team, Royal Challengers.

According to the court, this case does not have any special importantance. So it does not require any urgent hearing. Like the other normal cases, the hearing of this case will also take some time, the court said.

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  1. The dispute is very petty. Whether or not using the name “royal challengers” was a promotion gimic or no is irrelevent as in today’s world of stiff competition and marketing strategies surrogate advertising plays a key role in advertising. Surrogate businesses have a motive in mind to promote unpromotable products and society is aware of the fact, hence it is unnecessary to blow up such issues…..

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