Shah Rukh Khan admits Kolkata Knight Riders gives him sleepless nights

Ticket sales a worry for King Khan

Shah Rukh Khan, the owner of Kolkata Knight Riders, is much worried because the ticket sales are not going as well as expected.

Now Shah Rukh Khan doubts the decision he has taken to enter business world of Indian Premier League (IPL). Today, he is a bit upset according to media reports. However, the Indian media being what they are, don’t take them at face value. If they say that SRK was angry, for all you know, he might just have been in an introspective mood.

Ticket sales on the opening day – only 237 at the counter – is one issue that worried SRK. PCB banning Shoaib Akhtar, and IPL following suit, is another major issue.

“I never thought so many problems would crop up when I bought Knight Riders. I was not prepared for these circumstances. I do not want to blame any organisation or association. But, a rosy picture, removed from reality, was painted to me,” said Shah Rukh Khan, according to a reported that appeared in the DNA newspaper.

“I’m quite disappointed with ticket sales of the first day. I was really surprised that only 237 tickets had been sold at the counter. I am truly finding it difficult to accept this. I have never, till date, requested my fans to go and see my films. I am a bit surprised as to why, despite keeping the ticket prices low, people are not showing any interest,” a disappointed Shah Rukh Khan said.

The Bollywod superstar is finally aware of the fact that the cricket is a completely different game.

King Khan admits that his IPL entry is giving him sleepless nights.

SRK had planned a small entertainment programme at the stadium before the matches would start. The West Bengal Government has not given him any entertainment tax exemption. Shahrukh Khan is not pleased with this. “Tax has been exempted at all other centres except in Kolkata. I am very worried about that. How can I do it unless the entertainment tax is waived? Others get 120 per cent exemption whereas I come under the tax net.

The entertainment program, which again would have given a lot of media attention, to the matches and Kolkata Knight Rides , is now not possible. Shah Rukh said that if he went ahead with it, he would stand to lose Rs 1 crore – and he would not be able to cope with it.

Note: 237 tickets on the first day of sales at the counter? That is shocking, considering the amount of hype around IPL and the Kolkata Knight Riders. The amount of publicity garnered by the team, just because Shah Rukh Khan is the owner of the team, could perhaps be valued in crores. Add to the the Kolkata Prince Sourav Ganguly. And 237 after all that? Time to worry?

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