PTI not to cover IPL; Reuters and AP could follow

Looks like the DLF IPL, which is only a week away, is running into some real trouble with The Press Trust of India (PTI) joining other international media organisations protesting the regulations on the media in covering the lucrative tournament. PTI has called for some modifications on the restrictions, failing which they would not attempt to cover the tournament.

The reluctance of PTI would come as a severe blow to the organisers of the IPL tournament considering the fact that the news agency has a considerable amount of penetration among the various Indian publications. The last date for the application of accreditation was April 10, yesterday, and PTI has not filed for it, as PTI does not think the current terms and conditions are agreeable to them. PTI has also asserted that it would cover the tournament only if the terms of the agreement are changed.

Meanwhile, The Indian Newspaper Society, a representative body of newspaper publishers, has also voiced its displeasure at the media guidelines over covering the IPL. INS has said that it is disappointed at the fact that the new media rules put forth by the IPL organisers does not vary much from the initial media guideline, which saw a lot of protest from various media organisations. INS has also said that it IPL has also failed to the address the issues of intellectual property rights of the media as well as press freedom, which were highlghted by INS.

IPL head, Lalit Modi, meanwhile has said that he sees no issues in the smooth coverage of the tournament. According to Modi, IPL has received almost 1200 accreditations till now and he said that there are no issues with the tournament.

Reuters and AP, the other two international media giants operating in India, are also thought to be not too happy with the restrictions on media organisations in covering the IPL. According to IPL regulations, websites are not allowed to cover the tournament and also there is a ban on selling photographs to websites.

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