Chennai IPL’s Matthew Hayden now wants to sort out differences with Harbhajan Singh

Chennai IPL’S Matthew Hayden now wants to chat up with Mumbai Indians’ Harbhajan Singh to sort out their differences over remarks they both made during India’s recent tour of Australia.

Matthew Hayden had referred to Harbhajan Singh as an ‘obnoxious little weed’ in a radio interview and Harbhajan Singh had called Matthew Hayden a liar – denied quickly by Harbhajan Singh, and provoking a protest from Cricket Australia.

Matthew Hayden said the choice of words while calling Harbhajan Singh an obnoxious little weed went wrong, adding that it added fuel to fire in the already charged-up Commonwealth Series.

Matthew Hayden said he would probably try and meet up with Harbhajan Singh to resolve their differences. Australia would also tour India in October, but goes to the Wet Indies in May.

Matthew Hayden, one of the biggest hitters in world cricket now, has been bagged by the Chennai IPL team which will be captained by Indian ODI captain M S  Dhoni, while Harbhajan Singh will play for Reliance’s Mumbai Indians IPL team.

Our take? The general antagonism towards Harbhajan Singh by many in the Australian team has worked in India’s favour. So a patch up really is a good idea? Maybe India should just elt it all simmer for as long as possible. Bhajji seems cool about it, anyway!

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