IPL could go for round 3 auction of players after Australia postpones pak tour

No doubt, the round 1 and round 2 of IPL auctions were a huge hit. Now, that reason, coupled with some other, could prompt the BCCI, the cash-rich Indian cricket board to go for a third round of auctions for the IPL tournament.

First and the foremost reason why the BCCI could launch a third IPL auction is that Australia has now postponed their tour of Pakistan; and a number of players who were not available for round 1 and round 2 could turn up for the auction.

The second reason for a potential third round of IPL auction is that as the popularity of IPL has increased and the tournament has attained a reputation, many foreign players are now likely to ditch their cricket boards and knock on the doors of IPL. Cricket boards like the England cricket board could see an increasing pressure from the players to join IPL.

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