Australia’s Mike Hussey puts national cap over IPL lure

The Indian Premier League can never be a lure enough for any player to skip national duty, Australian bastman Mike Hussey has said.

Mike Hussey is yet to sign any IPL contract, but has expressed interest in playing depending on his availability.

Any amount of money won’t be sufficient for players to skip their responsibilities for national sides, Mike Hussey told a news agency.

There has been criticism in Australia that the IPL is turning out to be a welcome relief for ageing players, who are approaching the fag end of their careers, tempting them to retire to make good the riches.

We don’t see what’s the big deal, though. If a player wants to make money playing only IPL, let him. If a player wants to retire early and play in IPL, let him. It is not like any country is seriously suffering from a lack of players who want to play for the national side. Those who want to play for money should play for money. Those who want to play for fun should play for fun and those who want to play for the national side and patriotism, should play for that. To those who complain that players are trying to make some money – don’t be such communists.

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