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Apple iLife

Apple's iLife makes another appearance


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iLife is Apple's new suite of applications (Steve Jobs version of MS Office -- only, ages ahead). It contains new versions of iPhoto, iMovie, iDVD and GarageBand. 

(1) iPhoto 5 lets you do more with your photos. It also lets you work with more kinds of images: like video clips from your digital still cameras and photos shot in RAW format. Once you’ve imported your pictures, iPhoto helps you keep every photo in its place with new hierarchical folders that let you store multiple albums, iPhoto books and separate slideshows. You also have more options for finding photos: a Calendar View, for locating photos by day, week, month or year; and a search field for lightning fast, iTunes-like searches. New advanced editing tools are packed in. 

(2) iMovie HD is ready for high-definition (HDV 720p and 1080i) 16:9 widescreen video. Easy to use as ever, iMovie HD lets you import and edit video from the high-end camcorderseven from flash media video cams, as well — and in the latest formats, including HDV, MPEG-4 and 16:9 widescreen SDV. Dramatically increased performance lets iMovie HD move quickly through even the most complex projects, and new and improved tools let you edit quickly and easily. 

(3) iDVD 5: No better way to share your musical, cinematic or photographic accomplishments with others than a DVD. It's hard to find a faster, easier way to create amazing DVDs than with iDVD 5. For starters, iDVD 5 makes it easy to import movies, images and music via the built-in media browser or by dragging them from other iLife ’05 applications. iDVD provides a wide assortment of easy-to-use editing and authoring tools such as the new fully editable DVD Map and the new Drop Zone editor. You can also create a OneStep DVD, a one-click, camera- or videotape-to-DVD solution. 

(4) GarageBand 2: GarageBand's earlier version made it easy for musicians of all competence to perform, record and create their music. Version Two takes it a step ahead. Multi-track recording means you can now play the guitar and sing while recording both tracks at the same time. Or invite the band over to back you and lay down up to eight audio tracks at once. You can accomplish this using any audio input/output device compatible with Mac OS X. GarageBand 2 also provides built-in real-time music notation. And it includes smart recording features.

(5) iTunes 4.7: Yes, life is not complete without iTunes - not even i-Life. It is regarded as the world’s best digital music jukebox for both Macs and PCs. iTunes not only manages music with aplomb, it also automatically syncs your music to the growing iPod family, including the unpredictable new member of the clan: iPod shuffle. iTunes plays an essential role among the members of the iLife suite, too. Not only does iTunes serve as the conduit to iPod photo for iPhoto users, but it lends its library to iPhoto, iMovie HD and iDVD whenever a song or playlist is needed.


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