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Honda Unicorn motorcycle photo - the only image available

honda motorcycle india unicorn image monoshock suspension bike

This is the only photo available of the Honda Unicorn motorcycle. But then is this photo genuine? We are not so sure... 


This is a photo that has been passed around through several internet-based message boards on two-wheelers and motorcycles. If you look, you can see that the edges of the motorcycle in the photo look like they have been cut-pasted from somewhere. It looks like the image of the motorcycle has been carefully cropped and cut-pasted on to some other background picture. And the cutting seems to have been done shoddily too.

The noticeable thing on the motorcycle is the absence of the rear shock absorbers. A monoshock - in golden colour is visible through the gap between the wheel and the frame of the motorcycle. But as the picture is not clear enough, we can't guarantee that either.

What about the Honda logo and the MC-1 decan on the tail end of the motorcycle? Oh, they can be cut-pasted very easily.

All this means that we are not willing to commit to you about the authenticity of the his photograph of the Honda Unicorn motorcycle. It might well be the real bike, but we just canot trust this photograph. And if this is thereal thing, we are a little disappointed. The motorcycle looks too much like a cross between some of our existing motorcycle models, nothing drastic or shocking or that screams 'Honda'. Too ordinary. We hope this photograph is fake! Keep visiting us - we will be updating our main Honda Unicorn motorcycle page as soon as more information becomes available.



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