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Chunnambar is an easy name to forget but as a friend suggested it was a great beach to head to, close to Pondicherry.

Not many buses go that far so hire a cab. Its a short drive along the sea front Groubert Avenue with its wide promenade, the sea twists and turns along the  Pondicherry- Cuddalore road. You will pass cemeteries with impressive tombstones. Shops. Women sitting on the road with baskets containing flowers, vegetables and the bright yellow bananas.


Fly to Pondicherry and then you could drive up to Cuddalore and on to Chunnambar. For more information get in touch with Tourism Information Centre:-40 Goubert Avenue,  Pondicherry 605001, India. Telephone: 0413 - 339495, 334575 Fax: 0413 - 358389
Or Seagulls Backwater Resort, Cuddalore Road, Chunnambar, Pondicherry. Tel: 0413 - 356816. Pictures courtesy: PTTDC

The driver should turn off onto a dirt track that will lead you to the beach. A few feet further on there is a boathouse and beyond it, the backwaters. Cross the blue-green waters in a boat to recah the beach, finally. This beach here is known as Plage Paradiso. You will pass fishermen in their slender palm-tree rafts balance like graceful tightrope artists, the whispering groves of coconut and formidable thorny bramble. Till you see on the horizon, a small sandy bar and beyond it, the bright shade of blue.

The boat berths on a tiny bamboo pier, the water is teeming with tiny black fish. A few bamboo huts spread across the beach greet you, the empty ones can be hired for the day or night. Fine sand, strewn with shells will give you a sheer sensual experience. The sea is azure and covered with white foamy waves. The small bamboo observation deck is a good viewpoint – for the crescent shaped beach stretches for miles on either side, with no human habitation and amazingly clear waters.

 It is not advisable to swim far out into the sea, the undercurrent is strong here, but it is perfectly safe to have fun in the waters close to the shore.

Here there are no crowds, no vendors, no garbage to impinge your enjoyment of the pristine beach! Carry your own food for only drinking water is available here. At the mouth of the lagoon there is a small inlet from the sea which led to the formation of the massive blue lagoon you cross to get to the beach.


Ideas and editorial by Harpreet Kaur.Do mail your opinions to EDITOR AT DANCEWITHSHADOWS.COM or click here

God save the Malayalee

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