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Get going with your gymming

Overweight, losing flexibility in your muscles, or lacking stamina? If you have one of these problems (if not all), then gymming can be a solution.


Of late, a number of gyms have been springing up across metros and even smaller cities and towns. This is because more and more people are becoming weight-conscious these days. Gyms are here to cater to the needs of such people.

What is gymming?
Many people still associate gymming with body-building. The fact is that anybody can work out towards a fitter body there is no age limit. Gymming not only gives you a stronger body, but can also prevent you from being susceptible to some common ailments like diabetes, allergy, cold and even heart attack. Plus it builds your stamina, improves mental health and strengthens your muscles. It even helps in fighting stress and improving your concentration levels.

Gymming basically involves two types of activities: cardiovascular and weight-training. Common gym equipment include treadmill, exercycle, weight-training machines, dumbbells and barbells.

By doing cardiovascular activities, you can improve your heart's functioning -- meaning you can lead a healthy and long life.

Weight training is a good way to change the body's appearance by toning your muscles, you make your body firmer, and so tend to look slimmer. Lifting weights also creates a resistance for the muscles. 

Getting started
At the outset, making up your mind and getting started might be a problem. The more you think about starting a new routine in your life, the more you are likely to put if off or give yourself excuses. Even a little exercise is better than none. So, just find a gym nearby and get going. If you look around a bit, then you can probably find one that gives you a trial period of the works free of charge!

The workouts
Warming up is the first step towards working out. A good warm-up prepares your muscles for the serious action ahead. To lose weight, cardiovascular exercises are a must. These basically include walking/jogging, climbing, cycling and aerobics. 

This is then followed by weight-training exercises. There are many weight training machines in a gym. The best way to go about this is under a good trainer. If possible and if it's within your budget, you can even go in for a personal trainer. 

Equally important is to work on your abs because just like the other parts of the body, your abs too need some exercises in isolation. Finally, do not forget to cool down your body. Cooling down of the body post exercise is as important as warm-ups pre-exercise.

Schedule you gym visit at a time suitable to your lifestyle. Though the daily workout schedule (which is given on a card by your gym instructor) can extend up to 1 1/2-2 hours, on days when you are really falling short of time, try doing at least cardio-vascular exercises for hour. Working out for a minimum of 4-5 days per week must be your aim.

Working out at home
Working out at home is also in vogue these days. Only you have to have the space and finance a good, sturdy equipment will cost a bomb! 

Working out at home has its own set of disadvantages (read disturbances). You might have to answer the telephone calls, or door bells or sometimes even welcome some unwanted guests. 

So if you are the type who gets distracted very easily, then by all means, going to the gym should be ideal for you. You are far more likely to exercise regularly if you join a gym. That will put you in a formal kind of environment with your gym wear, shoes et al. 

Watching other people sweat it out to the cool music at the gym may even motivate you to greater heights.
Also you can benefit from some facilities like steam, sauna and massages available at the gym. 

If you really want to lose weight, apart from going to your gym regularly, you have to focus on what you consume. Avoid fried, fatty items, sweets and all high-calorie items. Include a lot of raw vegetables, fruits and sprouts. 

Intake of high-protein foods is a must as protein helps in increasing the basic metabolic rate of your body which further accelerates your weight loss. Sprouts, dal, curd, home-made paneer are rich in protein. 

And remember, no crash diets. You may maintain it for a while, but it can't last. If you're really intent on change, you must be patient. Make small, mindful changes in your diet that will over time add up to more enduring transformations. 

And Finally...
Working out can be fun if you enjoy it. Do not see it as a punishment. All you have to do is introduce some excitement and variety to keep going. Including your family members/ friends will help in breaking the monotony. Finally, do not feel guilty if you miss out gymming on some days. Just put a smile on your face and head for your gym. Happy gymming!


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