The Aquada amphibian car from Gibbs Technologies

The Aquada amphibian car drives on water and land - and you can buy one if you have the green stuff in large quantities! 150,000 to be exact (US $ 2, 35,000).

Gibbs Technologies launched the so-called Aquada Wednesday on the River Thames in central London. 

The Aquada has three seats side-by-side. The Aquada can reach speeds of 160 km/h an hour on land, and with the press of a button, 48 km/h on water. 

At the flick of a button, The Aquada  can switch between the two modes.

It took over seven yers to develop the Aquada, and while amphibian cars have been built before, this one seems to be the first real-life car-boat, and production has already commenced.

No other road-legal amphibian has managed to exceed 6mph on water.

The Aquada is a twowheel drive which uses unleaded petrol and has an engine of 175hp. It has no doors but the driver climbs in over the side.

The Aquada can hit speeds of 100 miles an hour on land - and once it hits water, the wheels retract into the wheel arch, jets kick in, and the car is suddenly a boat.

The vehicle can switch to cruising on water within seconds, and the drive mechanism switches to power a jet that propels the vehicle.

Development for the Aquada had been in New Zealand, Detroit, and Nuneaton.

The Aquada has a stainless steel and aluminium frame and a glass reinforced polyester shell. 

The Aquada is powered by a Rover 2.5-litre V6-K series engine. It has a top speed of 169km/h on land and 48km/h on water - fast enough to tow a skier.



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