Frankfurt Motor Show 2007

Previews, breaking news and photo galleries from Frankfurt

About Frankfurt Motor Show 2007

Welcome to the DWS Frankfurt Show blog! We are car enthusiasts here, and will try to bring you previews of most of the vehicles that will be shown off at the Frankfurt Motor Show 2007.

We are just starting out, and been a bit late with us – but in the next few days before the show actually starts, we would have most of the great cars of the Show ready here.

Frankly, we are not going to concentrate on evaluating the concept cars or production vehicles. There are too many on the Net already doing that, and some of them are just super. So we do what we can – great photos. Most of the photos will be official, so feel free to copy them or link to them from your own sites, blogs or message boards.

Best of luck, and enjoy the Show!