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Opel Flextreme / e-Flex concept for Frankfurt Motor Show

By • Sep 10th, 2007 • Category: Concepts, Hybrids

Details of GM’s Opel E-flex / Flextreme concept car was leaked last week. Nobody seems to be sure the exact name of the concept car to de debuted by GM at Frankfirt Motor Show 2007 – and I guess we won’t be till the show actually opens.

Opel Flextreme hybrid picture

For one, the Opel E-flex has a 1.3-liter Ecotec turbodiesel engine, while Volt has a 1-liter 3-cylinder turbo E85/flex-fuel engine. The electric motor generates up to 120kW and 320Nm.


Secondly, the two concept cars have differently styled exteriors.The Opel e-flex has a modern, hatchback body while the Volt has the look of a sedan. The Opel E-flex is reported to have a glass panoramic roof, rear suicide doors, and rearview cameras instead of traditional mirrors.

Opel concept hybrid

The Opel E-flex, like the Volt, runs on an electric-motor in the front till the lithium-ion batteries are exhausted. The battery power in the Opel E-flex lasts for 40 miles after which the diesel engine comes into play. (According to some other reports, the range of the electric engine is going to be 62 miles.) The battery can be plugged into an electric outlet for charging, and there is even a Segway compartment at the rear which can charge and pack two Segways Рsomething that establishes that the E-Flex / Flextreme, is justa  concept for the being from Opel.
Opel E-flex hybrid concept photo

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