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Ford Fusion launched in India

ford fusion in india

News, photos on the three variants Ford's new car: Fusion, Fusion+ and Fusion+ ABS - so what if you can't buy a Honda CR-V in India!!





Robust yet agile, Ford Fusion inspires confidence and brings a refreshing new dimension to urban motoring.

Update: Ford Fusion to be discontinued

Basic Ford Fusion features:

Ford Fusion, just launched in India  has an advanced Duratec Engine. The 16 Valve, 1.6 L, light weight alloy block engine generates a maximum power of 101 ps. The engine for the car has been developed and calibrated specifically for Ford Fusion to provide a balanced combination of driveability and low emissions. With an aluminium block and head, it is one of the smallest, lightest and the latest of the engine designs from the Ford family. 

Power Steering 
Both the variants of Ford Fusion come with hydraulically operated and power-assisted steering system. The steering assist characteristics have been optimised to provide comfort leading in its class in India, in parking and driving, together with smooth and progressive feedback at cornering. 

A versatile and spacious car
The Fusion's interior blends fresh ideas with established concepts. Seating up to five adults comfortably, the car's the 60:40 split rear seats enable you to carry both passengers and luggage simultaneously. Generous head, shoulder and leg room in the car ensures a comfortable and relaxed journey. 

Ford Fusion+

In addition to all the features of Fusion, Fusion+ offers eye-catching styling, standard alloy wheels, standard audio CD system, and an option of ABS. 

Exterior Styling 
Fusion+ sports body colored outside mirrors, rear and front bumper cladding, body colored door handles and tailgate handle. The look is further accentuated by stylish body colored wheel arch and rocker panel cladding. 

Alloy Wheels 
Alloy wheels come as a standard fitment in Fusion+. Besides imparting impressive looks to the Fusion+ they also help in vehicle performance by virtue of them being stronger and more light weight as compared to normal steel wheels - a definite benefit on Indian roads. 

Audio System 
The Fusion+ comes fitted with an Audio CD player and radio system, so that you may enjoy music every second on the move. The CD system is connected to 4 factory fitted speakers that provide the right acoustics for your enjoyment. 

Fusion : Price 6.2 Lakhs (Ex-showroom Delhi, India)

Fusion+: Price Rs. 6.95 Lakhs(Ex Showroom Delhi, India)

Fusion+ with ABS: Price Rs. 7.24 Lakhs (Ex Showroom Delhi)

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