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Mumbai & Chennai Kuala Lumpur flights from Jet Airways

Kuala Lumpur - Chennai flights in August, Mumbai flights in November.

January 21, 2006

Jet Airways is launching another daily Chennai-Kuala Lumpur service by August this year, while the private carrier will commence Kuala Lumpur-Mumbai services in November this year.

The additional Chennai-Kuala Lumpur is being planned due to an increase in traffic on the route, while this sector has also emerged as one of our key business areas. Most of the Indians travelling to Malaysia are from the southern part of India," Jet Airways chairman Naresh Goyal said.

Its average load factor last year on the route was about 75 per cent.

He also said that Jet Airways also planned to introduce flights from Mumbai to Kuala Lumpur in November this year.

"We are also planning to commence services between Mumbai and Kuala Lumpur, targeting business executives who commute between the two cities," he said.

The carrier is also planning to commence services between Delhi and Bangkok and Kolkata and Bangkok from January 23, 2007.

To cater to the needs of Malaysian passengers, the airline has a introduced recruitment programme to hire Malaysians as its cabin crew. The programme is part of airline's strategy to further improve and enhance its services.

Meanwhile, Goyal is slated to meet Malaysian Airline System Bhd (MAS) and conduct discussions on code sharing and frequent flyer programmes. The discussion is aimed at promoting tourism between the two countries.

"We have had a long ongoing relationship with Malaysia Airlines since 1994, when we leased aircraft from them, and we are now looking at how much further we can co-operate. As for talks, they are ongoing," he added.

Jet Airways has launched an Interactive Voice Response (IVR)-based payment and ticketing service, under its customer relationship development programme. It has been launched through the company's call centres, allowing customers to book and pay for their e-tickets over a secure voice response system.

"Owing to its self driven features, the IVR system is capable of handling customers credit card details and processing independently. On confirmation by the customer, the call is transferred to the IVR system, following which the customer has to enter credit card details. Once the verification is complete, the customer will get an automated response and the e-ticket is issued accordingly," the company said in a statement.

The IVR system is capable of handling multiple passengers and multiple sectors which can be booked in a single PNR. Tickets purchased through the IVR system can be cancelled and refunded through the call centre.

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Mumbai & Chennai Kuala Lumpur flights from Jet Airways

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