Jet Airways to focus on cargo operations

4 September, 2007:

Jet Airways, which recently began flying to Newark International Airport, New Jersey, on August 5, 2007, using the latest B777-300ER aircraft, is expected to bank more on cargo operations in a bid to make it big on the international circuit.

Aviation experts feel that cargo is expected to play a crucial role for Jet Airways in the coming days. North America is emerging as a major market for Jet Airways both in terms of passenger and cargo traffic as trade between India and the US continues to expand.

Jet Airways is keen to tap the potential inherent in the transport of goods to and from the US. This is a new phenomenon in the aviation industry because, traditionally, airline companies have shown little interest in the cargo business. But, now the cargo business is viewed as a lucrative venture by most airline companies.

Meanwhile, Jet Airways has plans to administer a booster dose to strengthen its presence in North America by introducing another daily flight from Delhi to Toronto via Brussels. This is expected to take off on September 5, 2007. Besides this, Jet Airways is also seriously considering operating flights to JFK International Airport late in 2007. Jet Airways will also begin flights from Delhi to California via Shanghai in 2008.

Jet Airways, which operates a fleet of total 64 aircraft, including four B777-300ERs, 48 classic and the next generation B737-400/700/800/900 aircraft,
four Airbus A330-200 aircraft, and eight ATR 72-500 turboprop aircraft, is said to be one of the youngest aircraft fleet in the world.




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