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Indonesian airline Adam Air faces closure


March 19, 2007: A possible shut down is said to be staring at the face of Indonesian airline Adam Air. This fear follows the Indonesian government’s plans to shut down an unnamed local carrier following a string of aviation accidents.

The country’s director general of air transportation while elaborating this said that an airline had recently been plagued by frequent mishaps and a closure was imminent. Though the name of the airline is expected to be announced only next week, there are speculations that the airline could be Adam Air.

A report said that Indonesia has seen many a plane mishap this year, two of them deadly. While an Adam Air jetliner had plunged into the sea on New Year's Day, killing 102 people, in February, one of Adam Air's planes broke in half on a hard landing, causing no injuries. And last week, a Boeing 737 operated by Garuda Indonesia overshot a runway and burst into flames, killing 21.

With these mishaps on its list, Adam Air is clearly worried that its license will be revoked. Company officials, wile denying that the carrier had violated any regulations, said the accident is a disaster, not a violation.

All said, Adam Air has time till next week to know whether it should stay on or shut shop.

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