Jet Airways, Kingfisher, Air India San Francisco flights planned

5 February, 2008:

San Francisco is emerging as the hot new destination for Indian carriers. Airline companies are reportedly vying with each other to launch flights to San Francisco International Airport . In turn, the San Francisco International Airport is all set to roll out the red carpet for Indian companies.

State-run Air India, Kingfisher Airlines, Jet Airways, and a start-up US airline Sapphire Airways have already evinced keen interest to introduce flights to and from San Francisco.

Air India, which seeks a non-stop link between the silicon valley of India, Bangalore, and the Silicon Valley of the US in San Francisco Bay Area, has announced a non-stop flight from Delhi to New York from February 8, 2008. Air India is also planning three non-stop flights a week to San Francisco from Bangalore on a Boeing 777 aircraft.

Meanwhile, Jet Airways is lining up a daily service from Mumbai to San Francisco via Shanghai on a Boeing 777. Not to be left behind, Kingfisher Airlines is looking at a non-stop service with an Airbus-340-500SE. Things might get easier for Jet Airways, as it has already shifted its regional headquarters from New York to San Francisco.

San Francisco and Bangalore are also fast readying a sister city relationship in a bid to cash in on the new scenario. California houses as many as 315,000 Indians and more than 50 per cent of this number currently inhabit the region in the vicinity of Silicon Valley located within a 30-minute drive from the San Francisco International Airport. This apart, around 25,000 Indians live in the nearby Sacramento, Yolo, San Joaquin and Stanislaus counties, all within a 90-minute drive from the airport San Francisco International Airport.





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