India, Pakistan add new flights to Chennai, Islamabad

20 February, 2008:

India and Pakistan have decided to double the number of India-Pakistan weekly flights, and add a new destination in each country. A memorandum of understanding was signed between the two nations to increase the number of flights from 12 to 28 every week for each side.

Chennai will be the new destination for Pakistan's designated airlines and Islamabad for Indian flights. This will take the number of destinations in either country to three. India and Pakistan have also agreed to designate three airlines each to operate the agreed services on the specified routes. Only one airline each now operates between India and Pakistan.

As per the new MoU, the new measures will facilitate direct air connectivity between the two cities. The Indian and Pakistani teams who were present at the MoU signing event, were satisfied that the new arrangement would further the objective of facilitating people-to-people contact and business and trade activities between the two countries.

Reports say that it has also been decided to review and update the air services agreement in the wake of recent developments in the aviation industry. The two sides will come together n two sides of the table within a year to review the capacity and frequency framework and additional destinations in each others territory, keeping in view the market demand.





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