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Doha Chennai flights from Qatar Airways

Qatar Airways’ first fleet to India’s east coast to land in Chennai.


March 28, 2007: Expanding wings further, the Doha-based Qatar Airways has begun services to Chennai and the tropical island of Bali. The airline currently operates services to five cities across India, namely Delhi, Mumbai, Kochi, Thiruvananthapuram and Hyderabad. It also has fights heading for the Indonesian capital of Jakarta.

The Chennai service will see Qatar Airways operating daily flights using an Airbus A321 with a 12 Business Class and 132 Economy Class seat configuration.

A report said that the announcemnet of the two new flights is expected to give it a leg up in its operations to India and Indonesia. Chennai being the third largest commercial centre in India, Qatar sees its new flight as very significant. It is also Qatar Airways’ first service to India’s eastern coast. Meanhwile, Bali has been picked due to its popularity as a preferred tourist destination and of late a place to do business, the report added.

Meanwhile, with the launch of the new Indonesian service, Qatar Airways has become the first Middle East carrier to serve Bali. Flights operate four times a week using an Airbus A300-600 aircraft with up to 30 seats in Business Class and 234 in Economy Class, thereport said.

A related report said that Qatar Airways will see around $100 miilionbeing pumped into its kitty from the Qatar Islamic Bank for purchasing an Airbus A340-600. The delivery of the plane is expected by end of this month. It added that the Qatar Islamic Bank is open to striking similar deals with other airlines too.

The new aircraft will be used to operate long-haul routes to Asia and North America. It has 266 seats in a three-class configuration. Qatar Airways currently operates an all-Airbus fleet of 54 to 72 destinations across Europe, the Middle East, Africa, the Far East and the Indian subcontinent. The fleet will more than double to 110 in the next 10 years, the report added.

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Doha Chennai flights from Qatar Airways

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